Short-term vision: Ecosystem for IoT Devices & p2p-Applications

IoT becomes IoT 2.0 

01-02-2021 - Ben de Waal

By creating a dnp background-service that abstracts the framework in a single instance for common desktop and mobile operating systems, we provide the necessary functionality for application developers to choose to develop their applications in a peer-to-peer design instead of using server/client models.


IoT becomes IoT 2.0

By providing the framework as an open standard with open source tools, device manufacturers can benefit from a single standardised approach to interoperability in a world of ever increasing complexity. The “Internet of Things” is largely incompatible and despite its nature of distributed devices, relies heavily on centralised systems with incompatible communication protocols. With Peeriot and dnp: IoT becomes IoT 2.0.

Applications or devices using the dnp network may facilitate communication between people, between devices, or between devices and people. dnp doesn’t distinguish between people and devices fundamentally - it is simply a matter of presentation and semantic purpose.

This is achieved by dnp acting as an abstraction layer not only for communication but also for purpose and meaning of communication. This allows applications to be developed more generally and with human purposes in mind. “Client applications” no longer need to be created for specific “server applications”. Now, they can simply submit requests to the network for information and get meaningful answers without needing to know anything about the technology behind the source of those answers. As more application developers and device manufacturers build on the dnp framework, we position dnp as the single ecosystem for a world of interoperable self-sovereign systems. 

For the immediate future, we see our technology being able to gain traction in and begin to revolutionise the existing world of p2p applications within one to two years. We expect to see the first DNP capable devices being ready within two years and widely used within 5 years.  

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