The World of the decentral network protocol.

In three big leaps to a new (decentral) world. 

01-02-2021 - Ben de Waal

We are offering a new revolutionary technology which we call decentral network protocol (dnp). This technology enables a broad spectrum of possibilities, which have the potential to change the world. In this short article we are trying to describing our vision.


Where We Are

Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly advancing field and various levels of autonomy are being added to systems that we use daily. Many modern vehicles have self-parking capabilities, sensors to maintain safe following distance, and more. Home and mobile assistant technologies like Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant are growing in popularity and use. “Smart homes” are becoming ever more affordable and easy to use. But these systems have shortcomings. Some are specialised to the point of being disconnected from any systems that they are not made to specifically interact with. Others rely on centralised services that pose risks of data loss/theft, or interruption of service. As these systems grow in popularity, size, and complexity, these shortcomings and the risks that stem from them also grow.

Our Mission

Peeriot seeks to mitigate these risks by solving the shortcomings of incompatible and centralised systems by providing a framework for a decentralised, common communication network that remains as available as the internet itself. More generally, we offer a revolutionary technology that provides new ways of enabling communication between people and things. We make information generally available and understandable between systems and people. We provide a path for device manufacturers to this new communication network and foster the development of a new kind of intelligent device.

Our Vision

Our technology changes the way we see the world in many ways. Based on the intensity of expression of the technology, it will open new worlds. Therefore we divided our vision in to a short, mid and long-term vision.


Short-term (<3-5 years):
First decentral Ecosystem for IoT devices and peer-to-peer Applications

For the immediate future, we see our technology being able to gain traction in and begin to revolutionise the existing world of peer-to-peer applications within one to two years.

Concurrently, we will work with IoT device manufacturers to bring our technology in to their devices and expect to see the first dnp-capable devices being ready within two years. In three to five years we are trying to become thre worlds first decentral ecosystem for IoT devices and p2p-applications.



Medium-term (5-10 years):
First decentral Ecosystem for Operatively Autonomous Devices

In five to ten years, we expect device manufacturers of all kinds to have the artificial intelligence ready for operatively autonomous devices to be a reality. But these devices won’t be able to offer true operative autonomy without a universal communication platform to interact with one another. Peeriot with dnp can and will fill that role, providing the world the first ecosystem of operatively autonomous devices a reality.



Long-term (>10 years):
Base layer of the future internet

And beyond that, as the internet is in its next phases and nearly every device in the world is a permanently connected part of the global communication network, dnp takes its place as the base layer of the future internet enabling unprecedented levels of seamless interaction between people and devices.


Our Impact on the world

IoT 2.0: human-like communication between devices

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