Gate to the
decentral world.

We offer device manufacturers to develop next-level devices, to reduce costs and to increase security
- in one simple product.

Peeriot Platform

With the decentral network protocol (dnp) we make networked devices of all kinds (cars, traffic lights, smartphones, robots) peer-to-peer capable and interoperable. We enable devices to share data directly with others, to understand others autonomously and to connect with unknown securely. We bring IoT to the next level: IoT 2.0 

dnp Core

Our base module dnp Core enables devices to share data directly with others - w.o. middlemen and w.o. central servers.

dnp Data

Our master module dnp Data enables devices to get an interapplication-understanding, with which they can autonomously understand data from other devices - w.o. software bridges or APIs. 

dnp Trust

The premium module dnp Trust enables devices to connect with unknown devices securely.

Connecting devices has never been this easy.


Our technology fits to all connected devices.

p2p-Network Connection

Devices get a peer-to-peer network connection and become p2p-capable.

Save Money & Time

Reduced system complexity, development effort and times.

Next-level Device Functions

Our technologies enables new next-level functions for your devices.

Our Impact on the world

IoT 2.0: human-like communication between devices

"We offer device manufacturers the gateway to the new p2p-world
- in just one product“ – Ben de Waal


Our revolutionary product is not published and secret.
But soon first information will be published.
If you want information earlier, please contact us.

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New Internet Technologies: p2p, AI, Blockchain and IoT

As experts for new internet technologies we are consulting high-tech enterprises and startups in the field of Web 4.0 technologies like decentral peer-to-peer technology, AI, Blockchain and Internet of things (IoT).


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We are Peeriot.

We are a german tech start-up with the goal to simplify data exchange between devices. We want devices to be able to communicate autonomously and receive new next-level functions. We also want to strengthen the sovereignty of the data owner and increase data protection. All in all we want a secure and advanced totally-connected world, in which everyone remains sovereign. Read more...

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We are p2p experts and the enabler for device and software manufacturers. We enable the worlds devices to connect directly and to understand each other

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