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We want to create something unique. To do this, we are looking for strong partners, strategic investors and passionate employees. 


We are looking for strong Technology and Network Partners to grow together strongly. 

Strategic Investors

We are looking for Strategic Investors who want do establish an unicorn with us.  


We are looking for passionate employees who want to be part of something big and unique.


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We are Peeriot.

We are a german tech start-up with the goal to simplify data exchange between devices. We want devices to be able to communicate autonomously and receive new next-level functions. We also want to strengthen the sovereignty of the data owner and increase data protection. All in all we want a secure and advanced totally-connected world, in which everyone remains sovereign. Read more...

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We are p2p experts and the enabler for device and software manufacturers. We enable the worlds devices to connect directly and to understand each other

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