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We connect devices decentrally
and enable IoT 2.0

We are decentral IoT experts and the enabler for 
device and software manufacturers.

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Unhide the Champions: Peeriot

We are excited to be part of the Unhide the Champions-Event on 16th and 17th of June. Read more...

Peeriot at IDT21

We are thankful to be part of the Investor-Days Thüringen 2021! Read more..

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In 4 blog categories we are sharing our knowledge, perspectives and news with you. 
Industry News

Immerse yourself in the world of IoT, peer-to-peer, industrial IoT, Smart Mobility, Smart Home, Smart Devices, Blockchain, Web 4.0 and learn more about our role as "game changer".

Understanding Peeriot

Totally new things are often not easy to understand fast. With these blogs you should get a better understanding of this new world we are opening.

Peeriot Insights

Take the chance to look behind the scenes of our company and our events.

Tech and Pilot Projects

Learn about our outstanding technology in different perspectives, from the simplest possible way to real applications cases, from the core idea to our vision.

"One of the biggest obstacles to the Internet of Things
is that it depends on centralized infrastructure.“ – Frank Thelen, 10x DNA

Our Impact on the world

IoT 2.0: human-like communication between devices

"We offer device manufacturers the gateway to the new p2p-world
- in just one product“ – Ben de Waal

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We are p2p experts and the enabler for device and software manufacturers. We enable the worlds devices to connect directly and to understand each other

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