We are Peeriot.

We are a German deep-tech startup with a leap innovation in IoT. 

We enable self-organized device and knowledge networks - and with it the WWW of IoT.

We call this new world: #PeerIoT.

Peer-to-Peer meets IoT.

We help enterprises to manage the integration and the data flood of their devices easily by providing them a software for decentral IoT communication, which enables self-organized devices and knowledge networks.

Next Level Products

Knowledge for AI
Autonomous systems
Swarm intelligence

Save Costs & Time 

Technology agnostic
No need for cloud

Next Gen. Security 

Data governance
Data security

P2P Advantages

High resilience
Low latency
High scalabilty


Who is Peeriot? 

We are a German B2B software deep-tech startup located in Leipzig. Our core team consists of six senior professionals with over 100 years experience in Deep Tech & Software. It all started three years ago with the initial idea to connect P2P with IoT from Benjamin de Waal, who was the former Konica-Minolta global innovation leader. Now, we are a hungry team of 10+ persons, have developed the core technology and gained with IBM a strong first strategic partner.

Which problem do we solve?

With us, enterprise can manage the integration and data flood of their device easily.

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Centralized Device & Data Management
+ Fragmented IT Infrastructure 
- High integration & operation costs
- High risk of bugs and failures
- Data governance issues

Enterprises can hardly manage the integration and data flood of their devices, based on low interoperability. 

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Technology Agnostic P2P network
of Self-Organized Devices
- Self-organization and self-conception
- High resilience. Security-by-Design
- Data governance: better control & compliance

Self-organized P2P device networks, which make knowledge useable – within enterprises and beyond.

"One of the biggest obstacles to the Internet of Things
is that it depends on centralized infrastructure.“
– Frank Thelen, 10x DNA


Our product: a modular software suite to simplify IoT device integration and enabling self-organized device & knowledge networks. 

Interactions w/o Cloud

Scalable Peer-to-Peer solution for decentralized communication without cloud.

Technology Agnostic

Transport protocol-independent solution that is open to various IoT standards.

For All Device Classes 

Easy integration of different devices, from constrained to OS based devices.

Modular Design

Our modular design enables tailor-made use for your needs. 

What you get

Easy Device Integration

Self-Organized Networks


Data Governance



Use Cases

Peeriot.Swarm enables powerful IoT solutions and self-organized systems.

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Data Collection
Collecting, storing and simple processing of Information

Predictive maintenance
Supply chain optimization
Environmental monitoring
Rail infrastructure monitoring

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Sharing data with other interessted internal and external parties 

Cross-company compliance
Smart mobility networks
World wide sensor networks
Transportation Networks 

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Finding information for a new, previously unknown context. 

- Autonomous machines (I4.0)
- Automated delivery services
- Smart public infrastructure
- Autonomous fleet mgmt. 

Where we start

Our technology will be usable for any type of smart device and in any market. Currently we are focusing on these three markets:  

Industrial IoT

From smart sensors to robot networks. From interconnected smart factories to  self-organized supply chains. 

Smart City

Smart Buildings & Infrastructure. Smart Agriculture. Smart Grid.
Environmental networks. 

Smart Mobility

Smart Rail.
Smart Car. 
Smart Traffic.
Smart Aerospace. 


Lets enable #PeerIoT together. 

We are verifying our technology with various enterprises and research institutes in the areas of iIoT,  Smart Mobility und Smart City.

If you are interested in testing our technology to explore new possibilities for data exchange, we would like to hear from you. 

© Copyright 2023 Peeriot GmbH. All Rights Reserved.

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