Long-term vision: Base-layer for the Future Internet

dnp as the new HTTP of the decentral internet. 

01-02-2021 - Ben de Waal

In our long-term vision, dnp is the base layer of the future internet.

The foundational property of the current Internet is decentralisation due to its decentralised system architecture. It was designed that way from the start and all the basic protocols based on it are independent of their position in the system. A DSL-connected home computer has an IP address that is functionally equivalent to the IP address of a server operated by a huge multinational company. Anyone can start a web server or file server on their home computer without the permission of a central authority.

The application level above it however consists almost exclusively of centralised systems. Most of the Internet services created in the past 30 years have been centralised. This distanced itself from the basic nature and basic idea of the Internet. Tim Berners-Lee – the creator of the World Wide Web – publicly stated that the Internet is fundamentally broken and cites centralisation as the main cause.
DNP has the ability to reverse this trend of centralisation, bringing the internet back to a true internet of peers with self-sovereign data.
The future will be a world in which everything is connected. Centralised systems can no longer maintain the scale that is necessary for the number of independent devices. The future internet will be a decentralised one, in which devices with decentralised applications are connected directly with one another. Aside from mobile touch, AR and VR technologies will be significant interfaces as will direct independent device to device communication. Instead of simple standalone apps, AI and smart apps will be the standard. Cloud technologies will be expanded with blockchain applications and edge technologies.

At the protocol layer, a solution has not yet been developed for this future internet. Because of its core characteristics, HTTPS is unsuitable for peer to peer technologies and other solutions are yet to be developed. dnp’s characteristics give it the potential to take this position and become the base layer for peer to peer applications, IoT devices, and with those, also the future internet. 


dnp fills as the base protocol layer the gap of the technical gap future internet

dnp opens a new world, with new functions, new markets and new business models – similar to what HTTP did with the world wide web 30 years ago. dnp changes the way the world exchanges data between devices. Therefore, dnp will not just influence the existing P2P market, it will revolutionise the entire technical world.

dnp fundamentally impacts so many markets, that it’s hard to describe this in just a few sentences. The following is just a little abstract.
dnp is much more than IoT. dnp opens a totally new world, new markets and new business models. dnp changes the way that the world exchanges data between devices. Therefore it will influence not only the existing p2p market, it will massively influence all smart device and smart infrastructure systems – both those that exist today and those that will exist in the future.

dnp enables devices to communicate like humans making public requests and dialogues possible. Furthermore, dnp gives people 100% data sovereignty over the data they control. This revolutionises the way we view and interact with all of our devices and systems, as well as third party devices and systems from those of our friends through to cloud systems run by large corporations. It removes unnecessary middleman platforms, creating a more efficient and secure world. And it solves longstanding problems such as health data exchange between patient, physician, insurance, and beyond. 

In the following illustration, you can see an overview of new markets that will occur with dnp. It is sorted by impact intensity: left – small impact, optimized functions; right – large impact, new functions. 


Our Impact on the world

IoT 2.0: human-like communication between devices

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